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  1. Challenges Need not Be So Challenging

    February 13, 2013 by betaman

    So, why go vegetarian? I mean, aside from the health benefits and positive impact on our planet. Why me, when I’m relatively healthy and love a good piece of meat so much!

    Someone near and dear to my heart, who wishes to keep such matters private, will be undergoing painful treatments for the next 24 weeks or so. Others I love have vowed to make their own personal sacrifices during this time to show their support. I considered a few different ways to do the same but nothing felt just right. Then I decided to give up meat.

    Nobody has challenged me to do this but myself. I am my own coach, judge and scorekeeper. And rather than look at it as a sacrifice with challenges to overcome everyday, I have decided to make this a game I can enjoy.

    Yesterday I could’ve had a hot pastrami sandwich, an all time personal favorite. Yes, I may have enjoyed eating it at the time, with my new goal clearly in my mind I felt even better saying no. Besides, I enjoyed some of the best Dim Sum I’ve had in a very long time instead. And the proud feeling I had after picking out and tossing the succulent center of my steamed pork bun has lasted much longer than the temporary bliss I would have surely enjoyed by tasting it.

    I would much rather reign triumphant over these tiny things than feel like a failure for a moment of physical pleasure. So I play this game to win. And every time I pass on the tasty meat dish, I score.

    Challenge? Bring it!

  2. A Little Help Helps

    February 11, 2013 by betaman

    As my wife told me, I couldn’t be in a more challenging place to try going vegetarian. But as Yoda once said…

    “There is do or not do, there is no try.”

    I have always liked visiting my wife’s family and enjoyed her mom’s cooking. But eating vegetarian is not easily done in this house, where every meal includes some sort of sweet smelling meat. The challenge, however, is not so much about the abundant choices at hand, but the serious lack of moral support.

    When I mentioned my plan to stop eating meat, the first reaction was one of utter confusion. “I guess you’ll have to cook for yourself then.” Then came the pork chops.

    Shortly before I had my vegetarian epiphany, I had taken a pork chop out of the freezer for dinner. After I decided to give up meat, I offered it up instead of throwing it out. Tonight it was prepared, along with four others – for two people since I was making a Caesar Salad for the wife and myself. “You’re missing out on these pork chops,” was the first discouraging comment. Followed by “So and so gave up on that eating vegetarian…” Sigh.

    Some people just don’t get it, and never will. Luckily, my wife gets it and is offering plenty of encouragement. I didn’t expect anything less, considering she’s been a vegetarian for 20+ years. Watch her now try to go vegan again. Sigh.