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  1. Reasons To Go Veg

    April 1, 2013 by betaman

    As I’ve mentioned, I have my own personal reasons for not eating meat for 25 weeks. (At least, after that we shall see.) Six weeks, five days, twenty one hours, thirty six minutes down, but who’s counting?

    Off the top of my head, however, I can think of the following reasons to be – or not be – vegetarian. Decide for yourself…

    Religious: Bah! I was raised on the lamb of God.

    Health: A valid point, considering this nation is obese because most people eat far to much fat and animal protein. But it is made made mute by portion control and a focus on high quality, organic meats.

    Budget: Yes, one can save quite a bit when not buying meat every week. Moderation helps, however, and many vegan “alternatives” are incredibly expensive.

    Ethical: Nobody wants to see Babe suffer. Simple, don’t watch veganazi propaganda films and eat only humanely processed animals.

    Ecology: A very valid point considering factory farming is raping the planet. But the more consumers support local ranchers and eat only sustainably harvested meat products.

    Conclusion: Screw what other people think. The best reason for becoming vegetarian is the personal reason that works best for you. What’s yours?