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  1. Day One

    February 10, 2013 by betaman

    Left on my own in a home full of meat and dairy products, while my wife and her parents were away for the weekend, I figured it might be tough starting down my path to vegetarianism. Not so much.

    Soyrizo Vegan SausageI scored by finding some Soyrizo and leftover potatoes. Since eggs are not on my list of forbidden foods I enjoyed another yummy meal on my first day as a vegetarian. And since I’m used to eating salads for dinner a few days a week anyway, today was no different than any other…

    Except for the fact that when I grabbed a Summer Sausage while rooting through the fridge for some cheese, I put it back with a grin instead of cutting off a big hunk to eat with my salad.

    Score one for the vegetarian.