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  1. Accidental Ingestion Is Not Cheating!

    June 12, 2013 by betaman

    Oh Happy Day.

    The long-time vegetarian wife has informed me that it doesn’t count if you accidentally ingest a small piece of meat. I suppose it would be hard to call half a hamburger an accident, but I’m happy to know I don’t have to meticulously sort through the baked beans to remove every last morsel of bacon.

    What constitutes an accident? I am proud to say that I am picking out the obvious bacon chunks from the beans served at burger night. But I have to admit, a couple tidbits have made it on to the fork. Oops.

    baked beans with bacon

    Just call me the Bean Boy.

    Bring on the Dim Sum! Speaking of which… way back when I fist started this little dietary experiment, that same wife brought home a pork bun for me out of habit when she wanted to surprise me with a Dim Sum treat for lunch. Yes, I picked out the juicy bits and ate the dough! had I only known about this accident rule…

    Dim sum, combo pizza, jambalaya—these are all just accidents waiting to happen.