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  1. The Last Supper

    February 9, 2013 by betaman

    Bok Choy Ink on Paper by Wu ChangshuoIf you are vegetarian, do you recall your last meat meal? Was it memorable, or a mistake?

    I didn’t want my last meat to a mess of nachos I made with some leftover short ribs, refried beans and mounds of cheese that didn’t quite agree with me. I also didn’t want the premium popcorn chicken from Schwans that I had in the freezer to go to waste.

    Knowing it would be the last meat I choose to eat for at least the next 24 weeks, I made myself a scrumptious sweet and sour sauce chicken dish and a huge plate of baby bok choy lightly braised with a dash of soy sauce, sesame oil and loads of garlic.

    Satisfied, and feeling good, I enjoyed my last supper knowing that there are plenty of yummy meals yet to be enjoyed, without the meat.