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No Beef for Me in Beef Country

August 17, 2015 by betaman

More than two years since my last post here. No, that does mean I’m no longer vegetarian flexitarian.

While the wife says I am officially veg by default by now, I stand by my flex beliefs. I still have not eaten meat in any real sense since I started this blog. But who can resist a few bacon crumbles, when you ask for them on the side of your potato skins (so the dog can enjoy them)?

Wyoming is Beef Country

Literally, you’ll see that on signs all along the highway. So big surprise that Buck’s was all out of the only non-meat entree on their menu. Without the fried Walleye, we opted for a cheesy artichoke dip, onion rings, and the skins, with bacon on the side.


Oh and a side salad, if you consider shredded iceberg lettuce and a cucumber slice an actual salad.


But what do you expect in Beef Country?


For the record: the food was awesome and the service was great. I’ve just fulfilled my cheese and fried food quota for the foreseeable future…

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