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Small Challenges Are The Hardest

May 5, 2013 by betaman

It would be much easier to turn away from a large steaming piece of pink Prime Rib with au jus, surrounded by garlic mashed potatoes with horseradish and sour cream than the last bite of crispy burnt ends on the plate.

Saying no to an obvious indulgence is a piece of cake. Reaching for that last tidbit of fajita meat at the taco bar party requires serious willpower, or a slap back with the other hand. Why is that?

A rack of ribs calling my name is obviously against the rules I have made for myself as a self-proclaimed flexitarian. A small piece of bacon whispering “eat me” when nobody is watching is a different story.

Ultimately, all it takes to resist temptation is to remind myself why I’m doing this.

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