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Passing on the Pot Roast

March 11, 2013 by betaman

Breaking the veggie news to an old friend who loves to cook for you can be difficult. Especially if you love her pot roast!

We visited an old friend whose cooking I always thoroughly enjoyed and had to break the news that I’m now vegetarian. That was one of the hardest tests so far during this little flexitarian experiment of mine. We’ve shared many good meals in the past. She really enjoyed cooking for me, and I certainly enjoyed eating them! Her pot roast, the ribs, so many perfectly prepared steaks…

I didn’t want to break her heart by not eating something special she prepared just for me, and I’m not exactly certain I wouldn’t have. So it was only fair to let her know. We had a wonderful time catching up, and and enjoyed a great meal, but the whole time, I was thinking about the prime rib she used to roast, or the steak and lobster we had one New Year’s eve.

Don’t get me wrong, her vegetarian meal was delicious. And meant a lot to me that she obviously went out of her comfort zone preparing it. She kept apologizing and questioning herself. I, however, went beyond my comfort zone by eating too much of it! Perhaps I was trying to compensate for not having any tasty burnt ends to pick out of the roasting pan. Or maybe I was reminiscing over all those meals of yore and how I would always leave her house stuffed.

I must say, if I’m going to feel stuffed I would rather it be on a tasty meat dish. But I can also say that my discomfort did not continue into the next day, as too much meat has done to me in the past.

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