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Ooh, Ooh That Smell…

March 4, 2013 by betaman

The smell of a blazing barbecue may be my downfall. Good thing we’re not in Texas.

Flipping burgers the other night was just the beginning. Walking down the street earlier the wafting odor of backyard barbeque actually got my mouth watering. Maybe a trip back to Kansas City is just what I need – to desensitize myself from that sweet summer smell of mesquite smoke, spices and oh so succulent meat.

Sure, bacon is all the rage these days, but I wonder if anyone will ever make a barbeque scented room freshener. Or maybe I should just dowse myself in some BBQ Cologne for a while. Then maybe by the time I get back to the ranch, I won’t be drooling all over everyone’s burgers on Friday night. “Cheese or no cheese? Oh, spittle? Here ya go…”

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