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The Epiphany

February 8, 2013 by betaman

We all must make sacrifices.

People in third world countries sacrifice basic necessities like clean water without even having a choice. Cancer patients sacrifice quality of life for more time with their loved ones. Diabetics will give up an appendage, or sometimes two, for the lifestyle choices they make.

I have my own personal reasons for giving up something I enjoy so much. Meat.

fresh organic grass fed lamb chops

Organic Grass Fed Lamby Chops

One would think that after living with a vegetarian for 17+ years, this would be easy. But don’t underestimate my love of a tender charbroiled pink chop from a grass fed lamb I knew by name.

This journey of better health and dietary contentment may not last forever, that is not my goal. But we shall see what happens over the next 25 weeks as a vegetarian.

These are the chronicles of a meat lover gone veg.

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